Choosing a Color Scheme for your Kitchen October 30, 2017

The right color scheme can set the stage for a beautiful new kitchen. Making that choice is easier said than done, but don’t be intimidated. The design experts at Lexmar are ready to lend a helping hand.

Choose a color that you love.Granite Countertop Installation

Maybe you’re inspired by the warm hues of a golden yellow. Maybe you prefer the calming influence of blue-grays. Whatever it may be, decide which direction you think would work best for your home and then you’ll have the first step decided.

Make a plan, but be flexible.

It’s easy to get excited and jump on purchasing an item, such as custom painted tile, but we recommend you wait until all items are researched and your entire color palette is decided. For example, let’s say you found a unique tile that you love. Can you can get a granite and flooring to go with it? Make sure before you scoop it up.

Select the most permanent element first and work the rest around it.

Start with countertops. You can easily match a paint or stain to go with these more permanent choices, not the other way around. We recommend you select your countertop first and then match the backsplash to it. The best way to go is something neutral. Stay away from ultra-trendy, which has the potential to look dated soon.

Lighting can change everything.


The colors and finishes you fall in love with in the showroom may not translate as well in your kitchen. Does your kitchen get a ton of natural light? Perhaps a pale green will look washed out and maybe you go a few shades deeper. Make sure you take samples home to see how they appear in daylight as well as evening hours.

Wood cabinet finishes are plenty.

Do you prefer a cool palette? Walnut may be your best bet. For the warmer hues, a pine or mahogany may be best for your kitchen. Remember, woods can be glazed, tinted or even painted to achieve any look you’re after.

Ready to get started? 

Reach out to Lexmar, Pittsburgh’s premier countertop providers to get your color scheme plan in the works. Our design experts can help you choose what might work best for the kitchen of your dreams. You’ll be soon on your way.

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