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Drawing / Measurement

Either email/fax us the dimensions of your cabinets, or we will send out a professional to take measurements at your home for a small fee which can later be applied to the cost of the job. We will use the provided dimensions to generate an estimate for your job. Feel free to dowload our sketch sheet below and watch our video to learn how to properly measure your cabinets for the most accurate counter top measurement.

Material Selection

For Granite and Natural Stone, There are 4 different slab yards that we work with around the city. You must visit one of these locations (typically the location that is most convenient for you) and select a material to use for your job. Keep in mind, this material that you chose will be tagged and sold to us for fabrication.
Here are the names and addresses of the 4 slab yards that you can visit

Mont Granite:

302 W Steuben St, Pittsburgh, PA 15205. (412) 921-6740

Pittsburgh Granite and Marble:

3812 William Flinn Hwy, Allison Park, PA 15101. (412) 837-2642

Cosentino Center Pittsburgh:

104 Tri County Dr #6, Freedom, PA 15042. (724) 774-1480

Dente Classic Stone:

201 Ann St, Oakmont, PA 15139. (412) 828-1772

For Quartz and other man-made materials, please visit our showroom to view our wide selection.

We are located at

627 Market St. McKeesport,PA 15132. 412-896-9266


In order to provide the most accurate fabrication of your counter tops, we require a template of your counter top layout before beginning the fabrication process. Prior to installation you will want to make sure that your existing countertop is removed from the cabinets to allow for proper templating. We offer existing countertop removal / disposal services if they are requested in advance of the templating. Our Templater will contact you to schedule a time that is convenient for you for templating / measurements. All cabinets will need to be permanently attached before we can template. We will also gather any missing information we will need, such as sink and faucet hole information, cooktop information, edge selection(s), etc.


By this point we will have measured or templated your kitchen, you’ll have signed our standard contract, and we’ll be ready to order the slabs required for your installation.

When your slab(s) arrive, we will screen your slabs for cracks and use our best judgment to verify that the material is of good quality and suitable for use. We will fabricate the slabs in a way to create the fewest seams possible while ordering as few slabs of material as possible. Again, we will do our best in layout to make your finished job looks as good as possible. We encourage you to schedule a time to stop at our shop after the proposed layout is complete to view the slab and approve the layout. At that time, we can make any changes to emphasize areas you’d like to see in the final product or avoid areas you don’t care for. We want you to be happy with your material, so please do not hesitate to voice your concerns before we have started fabrication. Learn more about the granite fabrication process by reading our blog!


Once the material has been fabricated, it is now time to install your new counter tops. Our professional installers will arrive on site to complete your job and to ensure that you are happy with the final outcome. Here are some quick tips for installation day:

  • Please remove any articles from the immediate vicinity of the work area. There needs to be an unobstructed path for the installers to carry pieces from the driveway. Please remove any fragile items from adjacent areas including walls and upper cabinets that could fall during installation. Please remove all items from under sinks and cooktops. Please cover drawer tops or remove drawers and cover or remove items in lower cabinets if some dust is going to be a problem for you.
  • Please close off air vents and nearby doors and open windows if necessary to try to control the dust as much as possible. We will do our best to control dust, but occasionally it is necessary to do cooktop cutouts and tap holes in your home which will create some dust. This dust is fine and will typically settle after we leave. Please be prepared for this. Please keep pets and small children confined away from the work area, as it can be unsafe for them and our installers. Also, some of the seaming epoxies and sealers we use will create an odor, which will dissipate after several hours, but may be unpleasant immediately after application.

Maintenance – Granite

counter tops are extremely durable and very easy to maintain. We recommend that you seal your granite counter tops once per year to prevent stains and to prolong the life of the material. Sealer can be purchased at most local hardware and home supply stores. Or, our professional will come and provide a maintenance service which involves professional cleaning and sealing.


counter tops do not require an annual seal, however, you should clean your counter tops often. Because quartz surface engineering is so powerful, it is very resistant to damage by chemicals. But, you’ll want to avoid using heavy duty bleaches or acids, like lye, on your countertops. Many commercial oven cleaners and drain cleaners use these chemicals so read the labels and avoid them.

  • In some cases, extended light exposure can also affect the color of engineered stone countertops, so take that into consideration when choosing the color of your countertop.
  • To maintain your quartz surface countertops follow these basic guidelines:
  • Use cleansers that don’t have lye or heavy duty bleaches unless you test a space first to ensure that it will neither etch or damage the color or texture of the countertop or vanity.
  • Use trivets and hot plates because although quartz surface countertops can resist heat damage from metal pots and pans for a brief time, long term exposure will cause damage to the resin material that binds the quartz crystals together.
  • Consider your color choice and potential sun exposure when designing your kitchen.
  • Using cutting boards to keep your surfaces cleaner.


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