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Residential Kitchen and Bath Solutions

Lexmar USA is proud to offer kitchen and bathroom remodeling solutions.

Lexmar USA is committed to offering  kitchen and bath solutions of the highest quality at the best prices for customers in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas. If you are seeking an innovative and practical design solution for your kitchen or bathroom, Lexmar has the perfect solution for you. We offer quality kitchen cabinets, kitchen countertops in Granite, Soapstone, Solid Surface and Quartz, as well as decorative glass sink bowls.

With Lexmar’s high quality Solid Surface Countertops in a wide array of colors at unbeatable prices, you have the flexibility to create the innovative kitchen of your dreams. Lexmar offers both 100% acrylic counters and acrylic blend Solid Surface Countertops for your kitchen, in a wide variety of styles and colors to match any taste and budget. Durable and easy to maintain, you’ll get a new look for your kitchen at a value you won’t believe. You can choose a pre-cut solution or work with us and we’ll create a Solid Surface Countertop that meets your specifications.istock_000001316099medium

Lexmar’s Engineered Stone Quartz Countertops offer you the benefits of natural stone with the boost of technical engineering, creating countertops that are stronger than granite and marble. With brighter colors and lifelong durability, this will be the last countertop you’ll need to buy for your kitchen. Lexmar stands behind our Engineered Quartz Countertops and offers a 10 year warranty – a rarity in this industry.

We have the ability to bring you incredible values on quality kitchen and bathroom products. Even though economic times are challenging across the US, this is the time to “remake” your kitchens and bathrooms to ensure that the value of your home is increasing no matter the what the market! If you are spending time at home cooking, why not enjoy your kitchen that much more?

Contact Lexmar USA today or talk to your home contractor about using a Lexmar product in your kitchen or bathroom renovation.

Engineered Stone

Engineered Stone is a man made material combining resin and small pieces of stone. Lexmar uses Quartz Engineered Stone, and although this material is man-made, it is stronger than natural granite or marble countertops. The color, texture and density is consistent throughout the Quartz Countertop and the sizes, shapes and layouts can be made to be interesting and innovative.

Colors in Engineered Stone tend to be brighter and offer more options. Engineered Stone Countertops are also highly resistant to stains and discoloration from foods, liquids and oils, and even have bacteria and germ resistant properties that will keep your kitchen clean.

Requiring less maintenance than granite and other natural stones, Engineered Quartz Countertops offer all the benefits and none of the downsides. You don’t have to seal Engineered Stone, and the material is more flexible than slabs of marble and other natural stones.

Engineered Stone Countertops present a great alternative to solid surface and granite, offering the benefits of man-made engineering with the additional perks of using natural materials. Quartz is one of the hardest stones, and with the addition of resin and the process by which the material is created, Quartz Countertops are extremely strong and are not only resistant to staining but are also burn, scorch and heat proof as well.

If you are looking for a solution that combines the benefits of Granite and the upsides of Solid Surface Countertops, then Engineered Stone might just be the perfect choice for you.

Solid Surface

Lexmar’s Solid Surface Countertops offer several distinct advantages over other solid surface materials. They are extremely durable, consistent in quality and color, possess antibacterial qualities, and are scratch and heat resistant. Lexmar’s Solid Surface Countertops are nontoxic, easy to clean with common household cleaners, and scuffs or scrapes can be gently buffed out to keep the surface looking new.

Lexmar’s Solid Surface Countertops also feature an industry-leading 10 year warranty and a fantastic array of color choices. Lexmar’s Solid Surface Countertops can be manufactured as:

Additionally, these items can all be created to your specifications, so if you are interested in a Solid Surface Countertop with an unusual shape or profile, or a shower base for a unique bathroom configuration, you’ll find the perfect solution with Lexmar’s Solid Surface Countertops at a value that will please every consumer.

Solid Surface Countertops are man-made of plastic material, such as polyester and acrylics. This process allows for flexibility and improved durability over other countertop materials. While laminate solutions are basically a sheet of plastic adhered to another material, Solid Surface Countertops are a solid block of plastic, so the color and texture are consistent throughout. Solid Surface Countertops are a great compromise for those that want a durable and stylish material that isn’t as expensive as natural materials like Granite, Marble or Soapstone.

There are numerous benefits to man-made materials. Less expensive than granite or marble, Solid Surface Countertops can be made in virtually any color or pattern, and can be cut into interesting and innovative shapes. In fact, when you take two pieces of solid surface material and join them properly, they actually come together on a molecular level.

Designers of custom modern kitchens prefer at solid surface materials due to their the flexibility to design a whimsical and innovative kitchen that won’t cost their clients and arm and a leg. The colors and textures can offer a lot to kitchen décor and some of the most interesting kitchen designs are based on the flexibility of solid surface countertops.

The solid nature of this material is also what makes it non-porous and easy to maintain. Solid Surface Countertops are resistant to damage from any liquids and oils. If you do scratch or otherwise damage the surface, you can buff out a scratch or sand down a burn to restore the finish. In fact, many of these countertops specifically inhibit bacteria growth and germs.

Lexmar also offers the following products for your residential kitchen or bathroom renovation:

We are committed to providing only the highest quality products to our customers at the best prices. Lexmar’s commitment to quality products and superior customer service has allowed us to provide kitchen and bathroom solutions to many satisfied customers. Our experienced and professional staff will ensure that, when it comes to your kitchen or bathroom renovation project, your unique needs will not only be met, but exceeded!

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For more information on our superior line of Granite, Quartz & Solid Surface Countertops, Countertop Remnants, Sinks, or Shower Surrounds and Pans, contact Lexmar USA today or talk to your home contractor about using a Lexmar product in your home renovation.

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