Quartz Stone Surface

Quartz stone offers several distinct advantages over other surface materials.

Quartz surfaces do not require any type of sealing or polishing because they are non-porous. Quartz surfaces installed by Lexmar USA also have a 10 year warranty*!

Lexmar USA can prefabricate a number of pieces with our Lexmar Quartz surfacing, including:

You’ve no doubt heard of engineered stone products in the past. Popular brands include Caesarstone, Cosentio Silestone, and Dupont Zodiak. Lexmar engineered stone has all the benefits of these products at a fraction of the cost.

Engineered stone is a man-made material combining resin and small pieces of quartz stone. Lexmar‘s engineered stone surfaces use quartz and, although this is a man-made material, it is stronger than natural granite or marble countertops. The color, texture and density is consistent throughout the countertop and overall shapes and layouts can be made to be more interesting and innovative.

Colors in engineered stone tend to be brighter and offer more options. Engineered stone countertops are also highly-resistant to stains and discoloration from foods, liquids and oils. Because Lexmar‘s quartz surfaces have no pores, unlike granite and marble products, these surfaces have anti-bacterial and germ resistant properties that will keep your kitchen sanitary.

Low Maintenance and Highly Durable Quartz Countertops

Requiring less maintenance than granite and other natural stones, engineered quartz offers all of the benefits and none of the downsides. Engineered stone does not require sealing, and is more flexible than natural slabs of marble and other natural stones.

Quartz countertops offer people a great alternative to solid surface countertops and granite countertops, offering the benefits of man-made engineering with the additional perk of using a natural material. Quartz is one of the hardest stones, and with the addition of resin and the process by which the material is created, these countertops are extremely strong, stain-resistant, and are burn, scorch and heat-proof as well.

If you are looking for a solution that combines the benefits of granite countertops and the perks of solid surface countertops, engineered stone might just be the perfect choice for you! Contact the experts at Lexmar today to see how quartz countertops can improve the aesthetics of your home and raise its value!

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