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Quartz Surface Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining engineered stone or quartz surface material is extremely easy. Granite countertops and vanities may be etched or damaged by harsh household cleaners, hair spray, and other cleansers and, if not sealed properly, they can also be stained by juices. Engineered stone is non-porous and resistant to most liquids, gels, and even acids. It is this resistance to staining, etching, and damage that makes quartz surface such a great countertop material.

granite countertops installed in 2010 in a pittsburgh kitchen

The reason for this is that quartz is an incredibly strong mineral – it just can’t be cut in large slabs which is why it must be engineered by man into countertops, vanities, and other surfaces. The process is fairly straightforward – tiny quartz crystals are brought together with a man-made, heat-resistant resin that bonds the crystals together to make a material stronger than natural granite.

Because quartz surface engineering is so powerful, it is very resistant to damage by chemicals. But, you’ll want to avoid using heavy-duty bleaches or acids, like lye, on your countertops. Many commercial oven cleaners and drain cleaners use these chemicals so read the labels and avoid them.

In some cases, extended light exposure can also affect the color of engineered stone countertops, so take that into consideration when choosing the color of your countertop.

To maintain your quartz surface countertops follow these basic guidelines:

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