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Solid Surface Uses

Solid surface is an incredibly versatile countertop material. Durable and moldable as well as colorful; it can be used in a wide variety of applications. Corian, or solid surface, has long been associated with simply countertops, but is now being used in a wide variety of methods due to its versatility.

Solid Surface Uses:

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Solid Surface Advantages

Lexmar’s solid surface material is made with acrylic and other materials, heated to a high temperature to ensure the right texture and consistency throughout the material. Should you scratch or nick a solid surface countertop, door threshold or window sill, you can easily repair it by gently sanding the material.

Despite its durability, solid surface material can also be fabricated like wood – using the exact same types of tools. Because of this, solid surface material is often a favorite of contractors and kitchen renovators because the shape and installation can be customized.

Because the solid surface material market has continued to grow, more people see the durability, flexibility and benefits of solid surface, making it widely used in a variety of applications. For example, schools prefer solid surface material in door and window trim due to its long term durability, while athletic complexes will often employ solid surface materials for shower and bathroom stall dividers.

There has also been a rising popularity in using solid surface materials for floors and tables as well. The very nature of the material makes the options for solid surface use virtually limitless.

Lexmar‘s solid surface materials still continues to maintain their use for our most popular purpose – modern and beautiful kitchen countertops – where its color, durability and price help it to stand out among the competition. Whatever your project, there is a style of solid surface material to match any taste and complement any decor!

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