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Granite Buyers Guide December 30, 2016

Buying Granite

Granite is a popular choice for countertops in many homes across the country. Granite is a naturally occurring stone that offers several different varieties of color and patterns. Granite is versatile and works with many different kitchen styles and is able to cohesively blend in just as well in a modern kitchen as it would in a farmhouse, country kitchen.

The Benefits of a Granite Countertop

Other benefits of a granite countertop include:
Durability: granite is a harder rock that offers superior durability when used as a countertop. Granite countertops can last for many years and are a great investment for homeowners.

Granite Buying Guide

Design options: granite offers a wide range of colors and designs to choose from that can complement any kitchen design. Because of the wide variety of choices, granite has become the most popular choice for kitchen countertops.

Natural: granite is a natural stone which is preferred by many over synthetic options. While synthetic options may be less expensive upfront, they are not as durable and long lasting as a natural stone such as granite.

Heat-resistant: granite is heat-resistant which works well in a kitchen. You won’t have to worry about damaging your countertops with hot pots and pans with a granite countertop.

Acid- resistant: while granite is resistant to acid, it is not acid-proof. When using cleaners or working with acidic foods pay special care by using a cutting board or a cleaner that is approved for use on granite countertops. Over time, acidic substances could cause damage to granite countertops.

Moisture-resistant: sealed granite is resistant to moisture, which makes it easier to clean, but it is not moisture-proof. It is recommended to clean spills right away to prevent moisture from seeping into the surface.

Scratch-resistant: since granite is a harder stone, it is resistant to scratches. It is still recommended to use a cutting board and to not cut directly on the countertops surface.

Affordable: granite has many different options available in different price points. Common designs are readily available and make for cost effective options for homeowners.

Drawbacks of a Granite Countertop

While there are several benefits of granite countertops, there are also a few drawbacks. Some drawbacks of a granite countertops include:
Porous: because granite is a porous material moisture can seep into the surface. Care should be taken with spills in order to avoid stains. In addition, since porous material can harbor bacteria, do any cutting of raw meats on a cutting board and then clean the area immediately following food preparation.

Needs regular maintenance: in order to keep your granite countertops looking good for years to come it is recommended that they are sealed every twelve to eighteen months. Sealing not only enhances the look of the countertops, but it also helps to resistant moisture and stains.

Prone to chips: while granite is a highly durable material, high traffic areas or accidents (such as dropping a heavy object on it) can cause chipping. Chipping is especially prominent on corners and edges. Chipped areas can be repaired, but it recommended to be done by a professional for the best results since the repaired areas may not blend in seamlessly with the rest of the countertop.

When shopping for the right countertop for you it is important to weigh the pros and cons to decide which option will work best based on how you use your kitchen. Your choice in countertop will also not only depend on your lifestyle, but on your budget and style choices as well.

Lexmar can help you choose the best countertop that will fit your unique lifestyle and needs. Come by and speak to one of our experts that can guide you in the decision making process.

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