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Granite Countertop Installation: Leave it to the Experts! April 26, 2017

Granite countertops are a beautiful addition to your home. Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen, adding another bathroom or creating a sophisticated wet bar, granite adds elegance and value to your home. However, even the most experienced DIYer should steer clear of granite installation. While there are many projects the DIYer can tackle, you should always leave granite countertop installation to the professionals.

Here are five reasons you should rely on the professionals at Lexmar USA for all of your granite countertop installation needs

Materials. Investing in a granite countertop can be a costly. If you’re not in the industry you’ll be hard-pressed to find the best price for your budget. You will also lack options a granite distributor has access to. There are many styles, color and grades to choose from and a granite expert will help you find the best option to fit your home and budget. When buying granite, stick to the professionals at Lexmar USA!

Tools. Cutting and edging a granite countertop requires special tools and unless you work with granite, you’re likely not going to have a carbide or diamond tipped blade for working with the stone. Even if you do, you were likely not trained to cut, edge or polish it properly. It’s best to leave this crucial step to the experts who work with granite on a regular basis.

Education. While you can find just about any “how-to” video on online, keep in mind professionals spend hours of training learning how to work with and install granite. If you are looking to save money by completing a DIY project, think about installing the backsplash or adding a light fixture above the sink. Installing granite without proper training is much like attempting to replace your car’s engine on your own! If you don’t know how to, don’t attempt it! Call a professional when you need granite installed and your mechanic for a failing engine!

Temperament. Have you ever lifted a granite slab by yourself? Neither have we! Granite is a very heavy stone and can be quite costly. For your own personal safety and the protection of this durable yet temperamental stone, pay the extra money to have granite installed or removed by professionals. There is a particular set of steps and skills required to move granite and enlisting your buddies on a Saturday afternoon isn’t the way to go about it!

Insurance. Granite countertops are expensive, some as high as $100+ per square foot. For this reason and many others, professional installers are insured. When you hire someone insured to remove or install granite you can rest assured that in the event of accidental damage to your countertop or home, everything will be covered by insurance. Attempting a DIY job however, will leave you with a damage to your home, countertop and wallet!

In conclusion, granite is a costly item that should be cared for delicately during transportation and installation. Always hire a professional to handle, remove or install a granite countertop and never cut corners by attempting a do-it-yourself granite project. There are plenty of DIY project out there, granite installation isn’t one of them. Trust the professionals at Lexmar USA for all of your natural stone countertop needs.

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