How to Choose the Proper Granite Tones August 23, 2019

Granite countertops are one of the most popular features of kitchen remodeling projects. Homeowners not only prefer granite for its durability and easy maintenance, but also for the limitless options available when it comes to color and style.

Choosing the proper granite tone for your Pittsburgh countertops can be challenging, but it is an important decision for the investment you are making. Lexmar USA suggests you consider the following when choosing granite tones:

Matching Colors

Your new granite countertops should stand out in a good way by complementing the rest of your kitchen. Therefore, you will want to choose a color that goes well with your kitchen cabinets, window treatments, furniture and any other visible items that you do not plan to change. Fortunately, granite is a natural stone that offers a variety of colors and patterns—making it unique and open to a variety of styles.

Popular pairings of granite countertops and kitchen cabinets include:

• Cherry cabinets with granite like Verde Peacock and white granite
• Cream Cabinets with Glazing and Golden Beach Granite
• Maple Cabinets and Cosmic Black Granite

Don’t rule out choosing contrasting colors that may add a unique touch to the aesthetics of your kitchen.

Make a Decision Between Light or Dark Granite

Choosing between light and dark granite is a personal preference, but How to Choose the Proper Granite Tonesdepending on the size of your kitchen, it does matter. For smaller spaces, light-colored granite works best because it makes the kitchen appear larger, especially if your kitchen does not receive much natural light.

If your kitchen is larger and you prefer a dramatic look, pair gray or black granite with lighter cabinetry. Having trouble deciding? Brown or beige-colored granite works well with the majority of kitchen sizes and styles.

Consider Lighting

Lighting plays an important role in choosing tones for your granite countertops. Determine the types of lighting that will be illuminating your kitchen at different times of the day. You don’t want to choose a color that seemed to match under your ceiling light one afternoon, and then discover, once installed, that the morning sun makes your granite countertops clash with the rest of your kitchen.

The professionals at Lexmar USA can help you determine the granite tones that pair well with your light sources.

Ask for Samples

If samples of the granite tones are available, take some home with you. This is the best way to determine if the ones you chose will match your kitchen color and style. If samples aren’t available, take high-quality pictures.

Remember to test the samples or the pictures at different times of the time, so that you can accurately visualize the impact that lighting will have.

Lexmar USA Provides a Wide Selection of Granite Countertops

Lexmar USA, located in McKeesport, PA, has been providing the highest quality granite countertops in the Pittsburgh area for many years. Whatever your project, Lexmar USA can help you decide on the perfect countertop solution, and at the best prices.

If you need help deciding on the perfect granite tone for your Pittsburgh countertops, please contact our team at 412-896-9266.

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