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Matching Countertops to My Existing Cabinetry October 25, 2018

Redesigning your kitchen is one of the most common home renovation projects. Whether you simply want to upgrade, you’ve recently moved, or you’re updating it for protentional buyers, installing a natural stone or quartz countertop can make all the difference in your home. This month’s article, brought to you by Lexmar USA, is dedicated to helping you update your kitchen easily, because adding a new countertop to match your existing cabinetry, and other kitchen surroundings, is a simple way to give new life to the most occupied room in your home!

The Main Hub

Granite CountertopsYou know it, we know it, everyone knows it – your kitchen is the heart of your home! It’s where we spend most of our time and where people gather. Even the smallest kitchen can command the most of attention from you and your guests. And while a total overhaul can seem a bit daunting, remodeling your kitchen doesn’t have to mean a total renovation. Replacing your kitchen countertops, by simply matching them to your existing cabinetry, is a great way to breathe new life into your home!

What Inspires You?

Before your run out to buy a granite or quartz countertop, take a step back and define what the vibe is within your kitchen. Do you love to cook for people, enjoying the time it takes to create extensive, homecooked meals from scratch? If so, transform your kitchen into a more rustic version. Is your style more artsy, modern and sleek? Adding a modern flare to your kitchen can complement your creative side. Do you love to bake and want to feel like you’ve be transported to a patisserie in Paris, France each time you walk into your kitchen? Go for a vintage chic design.

No matter what, now is the time to find what inspires your tastes in décor!

Up Close & Personal

If you intend on keeping your floors, cabinetry and wall colors the same, be sure to take some photos – in natural lighting – so you can have them on hand when looking at natural stone. Natural stone is unique because from far away it may look one way, but when you’re up close you’ll find a range of colors due to the mineral composition that makes up the stone. You never know what you’ll find at one our four slab yards located in and around Pittsburgh, so be sure to have photos of your wall coverings, floor and cabinetry available.

Color Schemes for Kitchen Countertops

Traditionally, a good way to choose a color scheme is to pick two dominant colors and one accent. If you have dark hardwood floors, dominating the room, and light cabinets, choosing a dark countertop will really tie everything together. If you have light floors and light cabinetry, choosing a grey or medium toned countertop will make the entire kitchen pop, creating a cohesive mix of light and dark.

Kitchen Visualizer Tools

Lexmar USA offers a unique design feature allowing you to design your own kitchen scheme for FREE, online! Add various styles of flooring, cabinetry and back-splashes and pair it with over 50+ types of natural stone and quartz countertop choices without even leaving your home!  Need more help? Our design experts will help you come up with the perfect color scheme for your home and budget!

Lexmar USA is located in McKeesport, PA and works with four slab yards located in Greater Pittsburgh. Call us – 412-896-9266 – for a FREE estimate today!

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