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Oh No! The Granite Cracked! October 19, 2020

Imagine you were cleaning up your kitchen, and you notice something in your countertop. Your gorgeous granite countertop is cracked. You know it needs to be fixed, but what’s next? Lexmar USA is here to help with your granite countertop repair in Pittsburgh.

Before repairing your countertop, you need to know what you are working with. First, you’ll want to figure out if you have a fissure or a crack.

Fissures are naturally occurring visible separations in the stone. The American Geological Institute defines a fissure as an “extensive crack, break, or fracture in the rock.” This type of damage typically does not go all the way through the stone, but on occasion, it can. Fissures tend to be straight but occur along natural crystalline structures and are not induced by the installation. These tend to be narrower, smoother, and occur in more than one place.

Now, cracks are the result of stresses like handling, installation, fabrication, or transport. By definition, cracks do not go all the way through, but cracks tend to go all the way through the stone more often in comparison to fissures. These typically appear on areas of stress, most notoriously where countertops open for the sink. Additionally, cracks are found on or around supports. They usually are wider, rougher, and form in straight lines.

When it comes to granite countertop repair, a low viscosity epoxy works best to get into the deep cracks and form a strong bond to prevent the crack from deepening. An epoxy also helps to bind broken joints when it comes to fixing breaks. If not done correctly it can look worse than when you started. Your best bet is to call a professional to look at it. However, in the event of extreme cracks, replacement is sometimes the best choice to get your countertop looking good as new.

If you are faced with a damaged countertop, contact Lexmar USA in McKeesport for your granite countertop repair. Lexmar USA offers the highest quality at the best price. Call Lexmar USA at 412-896-9266 for your next countertop installation project.

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