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Pairing Countertops with Dark Kitchen Cabinetry August 18, 2020

Cabinets take up the majority of the visible space in the kitchen. After cabinets, the next step is choosing a coordinating countertop. There are endless possibilities with hundreds of cabinet and countertop combinations. Lexmar USA is here to help with your countertop installation. There are multiple countertop options to pair with your dark kitchen cabinets.

Light & Creamy

Pairing a dark cabinet with a light-colored countertop offers a soothing atmosphere. Light countertops reflect light to brighten up a room and balance the light and dark tones. For example, the polished surface of granite countertops has great reflective ability. Contrasting the cabinets with the countertops works well with all kitchen schemes, like traditional and contemporary kitchen styles.

Bright White

White countertops are very versatile. They work well with solid or minimal movement. Like light and creamy countertops, bright white countertops have a balancing quality. They certainly pair well with modern designs.

Shades of Gray

Gray is certainly a classic color that fits with a variety of palettes. It pairs perfectly with cabinet shades that are closer with a medium hue. Offering a blended look, gray works well in a transitional kitchen.


Gold looks stunning with dark kitchen cabinets. The neutral shades are a great complement to espresso-colored cabinets. Pairing simple edges with plain styles certainly lets the colors shine.

For more information about countertop installation in Pittsburgh, contact Lexmar USA in McKeesport for your next kitchen project. Lexmar USA offers the highest quality at the best price. Check out some of our work and call Lexmar USA at 412-896-9266 for your next countertop installation project.

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