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Tips on Enhancing Your Basement Bar September 27, 2019

From quirky to homey to sporty, you can make your basement bar anything you want it to be. If you are in the initial planning stages of building a bar, identify the potential uses and needs, which will help you determine the space requirements.

For example, do you want to add a full kitchen or just a dedicated cabinet for your wine and spirits?  If you already have a basement bar, why not add a few enhancements to transform your basement.  With a little creativity, the possibilities are endless.  To get you started, Lexmar USA suggests the following tips to enhance your basement bar.

Identify a Theme/UseTips on Enhancing Your Basement Bar

Identifying a theme and/or use for your bar is an excellent starting point for installing a new one or enhancing your current one.  Many homeowners make their bar an extension of their sports-themed basement.  Others keep it as a separate unique area as if you were entering an actual bar.  Some make it into an entertainment space filled with arcade games.  Determining the use and the desired ambiance will put you in the right direction.

Use Whites & Woods Together

Consider white subway tiles to add an industrial backdrop to your wooden bar.  Placing various colored bottles on built-in shelves will add a pop of color. If you have a natural wood bar, complete the industrial look with steel or distressed bar stools.

Experiment with Lighting

Often basement bars do not have any natural lighting; therefore, additional lighting is needed.  Experiment with under-shelf lighting to highlight your bar offerings.  Depending on the complexity of the job, you could have an electrician hardwire the lighting or you could simply install sticky lighting.

Explore Seating Options

Bars stools don’t always have to be the go-to option when you consider seating for a bar area.  Consider a variety of chairs from swivel to cushion.  Also, explore the idea of adding a sitting area near your bar.  Booth-style seating is a unique way to serve up your guests.  If you are looking for comfort, choose cozy seats with details matching your bar.  Your guests will love to relax, while you fix them their favorite cocktail.

Enlarge Appearance of Space with Mirrors

If your bar is contained to a small space in your basement, add mirrors to make the bar area appear larger.

Include Storage Options and Workspace

Having a bar in your basement is convenient when entertaining guests or just kicking back for an evening.  Be sure to keep it that way by including storage options and workspace areas.  You want to avoid going upstairs to your kitchen every time you need something.  Add a shelving unit or bar cabinetry for wine glass storage or small appliances, such as blenders.

For small spaces, wall shelving is perfect to display and store bottles.  Consider adding a granite or plank countertop over an island cabinet to provide more workspace for mixing up your specialties.

Incorporate Fun Décor

From lighted vintage signs to arcade-inspired décor to customized wall bottle openers, have fun accessorizing your basement bar.  Choose unique décor that doubles as entertainment, such as wine cork dartboards and arcade games.

Providing Quality Countertops to Enhance Your Basement Bar

Lexmar USA, located in McKeesport, PA, has been providing the highest quality granite countertops in the Pittsburgh area for many years.  However big or small your project, Lexmar USA can help you find the best solution, at the best prices.  If you need help deciding on the perfect countertop for your basement bar, please contact our team at 412-896-9266.

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