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Choosing Countertops Colors When You Have Stainless Steel Appliances October 8, 2015

Choosing Your Color Appliances

When choosing which countertops to go with your stainless steel appliances there are several styles to consider. Stainless steel offers a clean modern looking design and often sets the tone for the entire kitchen.

While you do want to take into account your cabinet, floor and wall colors, you will have many choices for countertop colors for a sophisticated and stylish look that you want. Choosing the type and color of countertops can be overwhelming. But the easiest approach to deciding the countertop colors is to look first at the style of your kitchen and then go a step further to make sure the style, the countertop color, and the stainless steel appliances blend seamlessly.

Contemporary Style Kitchen Countertops

With contemporary kitchens you will see more artful and whimsical approaches to design. You are likely to have clean lines, bright colors, and bolder, oftentimes geometric finishes. Countertops colors that look best with this kitchen design are solid black, red, or white. These colors can offer a stark visual contrast that you would expect from a contemporary kitchen design. Solid countertops may be a good bet for your contemporary kitchen. Solid countertops can be made in almost any color or pattern and offer a sleek finish that contemporary kitchens crave. Your stainless steel appliances will fit in perfectly with a solid black, white or red countertop.

Modern Kitchen Countertops

Modern kitchen designs are similar to contemporary in the fact that both boast clean lines and sleek finishes. Stainless steel appliances look superb in modern kitchens. Great options for countertop colors include: white, gray, black, and any mixture of these colors together. Solid surface, granite, or quartz countertops would all be great options.

Traditional Kitchen Countertops

Kitchens with a traditional designs offer a mix of modern, old world and country charm. Stainless steel appliances will fit in quite well with this design when choosing countertops that blend in with the silvery gray of the steel. The best option would be a granite or quartz countertop that includes different grays, whites and cream colors.

Country Style Kitchen Countertops

Country kitchens are one of the most laid-back relaxed styles of kitchens. Woods and earth tones work well in these kitchens. In order to mix this style with your stainless steel appliances it is a good idea, like with traditional kitchens, to select a mix of grays, whites and other earth tones. This will allow the style of the kitchen and the appliances to meld.

Mediterranean Style Kitchen Countertops

This style of kitchen, like country kitchens favors woods and earth tones. Good options for Mediterranean designs that will merge well with stainless steel appliances are granite and quartz with a mix of earth tones and grays.

Old World Style Kitchen Countertops

This style is luxurious and you will find your stainless steel appliances fitting in better than imagined. The best option for a countertop would be granite or quartz in a natural mix of browns and grays. These colors will work well with wood cabinets and the silver of the appliances.

Coastal Style Kitchen Countertops

Coastal kitchens are oftentimes unique to waterfront homes on the southern coast. Blue and gray solid surface countertops are the best option for coastal kitchens. They work well with the overall theme and colors of the kitchen and the tropical vibe.

With the style of your kitchen in mind and the tips above, you will be able to choose the best color and style of countertops to merge with your stainless steel appliances. Contact Lexmar for a personal look at countertops that will fit your needs!

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