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From the Quarry to Your Kitchen August 28, 2015

Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are known for their stunning appearance as well as their durability, and are a popular choice for both residential and business use, whether in a dream kitchen or a showroom display countertop.

What you may not know is that the transformation of granite from its solid stone state to a highly polished surface ready for cooking or working is an incredible transformation!

Formation of Granite

Located hundreds of meters underground, granite is formed as magma (molten rock) is slowly crystallized below the surface of the Earth. Interestingly, granite makes up 70-80 percent of the Earth’s crust.

Granite Countertops

Mining Granite

The process of quarrying natural stone is both a long and an arduous one. There are a number of steps that must be taken to extract slabs of granite in the condition that they will eventually be in to grace a countertop. The layout of the quarry in which the granite is mined is determined, in order to break the granite according to its grain for optimal results.

Once the layout has been determined, the granite is cut to a workable size, utilizing wire saws with abrasive materials. To keep the saws from getting too hot during the cutting process, a water flow is used during the operation.

The next step in mining granite is cutting it into slabs that are of workable size, after which the process of stone dressing is applied, where the rough edges and sides are smoothed out. Stone dressing is done at the quarry site where the granite was mined.

Processing Granite

After the stone dressing process, the blocks of granite are sawed into slabs, either individually or in multiple pieces, to the desired thickness. This is done by using a frame saw which has several blades, which can be adjusted as needed. Once the slabs are complete, they are calibrated to their desired use, whether tile or countertop size. Because each particular job requires a specific size of granite, a process called the ashlar is utilized, in which a particular slab is finished and cut to the job specifications.

While the process of mining and finishing granite involves many complicated steps, the finished product is well worth it. There is nothing more beautiful than a finished slab of natural stone, direct from the earth, long-lasting, durable and unique.

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