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How to remove a stain from your Granite Countertop November 15, 2013

Installing a granite countertop is a great way to increase the value of your kitchen and to create a beautiful cooking, eating and living space. Granite countertops can completely transform the look of your kitchen. When deciding to purchase and install granite you are making an investment. With the proper care and treatment you can get the most out of your countertops and keep them looking great for years to come. If you are considering the idea of installing granite countertops, seek the services of a granite dealer or granite contractor. If you reside in or around the Pittsburgh area, Lexmar USA would love to meet all of your granite needs. Follow these tips for preventing and removing stains from granite.

Seal the Countertops

Applying a sealant to your granite countertops will protect them from scratches, stains and everyday wear and tear. Upon installation by a granite dealer or granite contractor, immediately apply a layer of sealant to the surface of the countertop. Continue to reapply every 2-3 years or more frequently if it is a surface that you use often.

Avoid Harmful Substances

There are several substances that are particularly harmful to granite countertops. When working with or using these substances, be careful to avoid leaks or spills. If a spill does occur, clean it quickly so as to prevent further damage. Things to be aware of are foods or materials that are oil-based and those that are acidic. Citrus fruits or juices, when left on a counter, can corrode the stone surface. Oil can be absorbed the stone and leave unsightly stains. The first step in dealing with stains on your granite countertops is prevention.

Removing Stains

There are a number of different cleaners that can successfully remove stains from your countertop. Certain stone soaps are available that are specifically designed for granite. Check with your local granite dealer or granite contractor to see what they have to offer. When something is spilled or leaked, blot the liquid immediately instead of wiping so as not to spread around the harmful substance. Poultice is a great stain remover and should be used on tough and stubborn stains. Apply an adequate amount of poultice to the stain, extended beyond its perimeter to ensure that you remove its entirety. Cover the area with plastic wrap and let it dry, completely. Once the substance is dried, remove it from the surface and clean the area with a clean cloth and water.

When investing in new countertops for your kitchen or bathroom, prepare a plan to properly protect and care for your purchase. When the stone is delivered and installed in perfect condition by your granite contractor or granite dealer, preserve this natural beauty and protect it from damage. Follow these tips to properly remove stains and minimize the damage of everyday use.

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