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Tips for Caring for Your Granite Countertops November 8, 2013

Granite countertops are a lifelong investment and given the proper care and attention they should provide decades of beauty for your kitchen or bathroom space. Lexmar USA is a granite contractor specializing in the installation of granite countertops in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. If you do not reside in this area, look for a local granite contractor or granite dealer in your city. Once the company has done their part in providing you with a flawless piece of stone, you must take proper measures to get the most out of your countertop.

Basic Cleaning

If something is spilled or dropped on the counter, clean it up right away with a soft, wet cloth or sponge. The longer you let the spill sit, the more likely it is to leave a stain or mark on the stone. Perform routine cleaning on the stone surfaces using a simple cleaner or stone soap. Take a visit to your local granite dealer and see what specialized cleaners they have to offer. Avoid cleaners that may contain acidic additives such as lemon juice or vinegar. Often, all it takes is a damp cloth a drop of mild detergent.


Certain materials and substances can threaten to stain your granite countertops. Keep an eye out for spills and leaks that may be potentially hazardous to your granite and clean them up, immediately. Spills from organic substance such as coffee, tea or fruit juice can be cleaned up with a mixture of 12% hydrogen peroxide and a few small drops of ammonia. Stains from oil-based substances can be successfully removed with a poultice, baking soda and water mixture. Poultice is a cleaner that is designed to absorb deep spills and when added to baking soda can successfully remove harmful substances.


Sealants can protect your countertops from getting marred and cloudy from extensive use and high traffic. It is recommended that you reapply an application of sealant every 2-3 years to maximize the amount of protection that it offers. If your area of granite or stone gets a large amount of use you may benefit from reapplying a sealant more frequently. As soon as the countertops are installed by your granite contractor or granite dealer, thoroughly clean the surface and proceed to apply a layer of sealant.

When you invest money into stunning granite countertops, you want it to last. With the right treatment plan in place you can extend the life of your countertops and keep them looking flawless for years to come. Follow these tips for cleaning up spills and preventing future damage to your granite. Seek out a granite contractor or granite dealer in your area and begin the process of installing your new countertops. Lexmar USA would love to serve the residents of the Pittsburgh area.

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