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Understanding The Granite Fabrication Process February 10, 2021

Countertops can make all the difference when it comes to the interior design of your home. Stunning countertops that are cut and fit properly enhance the look of your kitchen or bathroom. Countertops also increase the value of your home. Consider Lexmar USA for your next granite countertop project in Pittsburgh.

There are four main steps in the granite fabrication process, which is the process of cutting and designing stone products for interior design.

Selecting the Material

First, you have to select the stone you want. This depends on the style and design you’re after. Different stones have different patterns and designs. Many characteristics are unique to the material. If you don’t like some of the characteristics of your selected stone, the fabricator may be able to cut around them, so you are still able to use the stone you chose for your granite countertop. If you are in the Pittsburgh area, call up Lexmar USA, to see what stone we can get in stock from one of our four yards, or check on our website to see the four yards we work with to go see the slabs for yourself!


Next, the fabricator will have to take measurements of the space.  One example would be if there is a stove or sink. They need to make exact measurements to cut out the correct size holes to be sure your new granite countertop fits your home like a glove. Someone will contact you to come out to your house and make a template.

Cutting the Stone

Then, the fabricator will cut the stone into whatever size is necessary, as well as examine it for any impurities. They will then cut the stone into the measurements taken in the previous step. Cutting the stone is done with special tools and extra precautions to ensure that you get the best product possible.

Finishing the Product

Finally, once the stones are cut using the proper measurements, the fabricator moves into the final part of finishing the stone. They will smooth the countertop edges with a resin bonded stone and polish the surface and edges until they shine. Next, they put on a seal to protect it from food and other stains. If necessary, the fabricator can strengthen parts of the stone. Once this is completed, your new countertop will then be installed.

For more information about granite countertops in Pittsburgh, contact Lexmar USA in McKeesport for your next project. Lexmar USA offers the highest quality at the best price. Call Lexmar USA at 412-896-9266 for your next kitchen project, or fill out our form to request an estimate!

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