Update Your Bathroom with New Countertops and Vessel Style Sinks June 26, 2017

Vessel sinks, like those made of copper, bronze and glass, are a spectacular addition to any household bathroom. Not only are they eye-catching, they are sanitary and resistant to strong chemicals and warping. However, one of the toughest decisions our Pittsburgh customers face is choosing the right countertop and vessel sink combination that play off each other’s beauty without overpowering it. If you’re planning on installing a vessel sink, here are a few tips from Lexmar USA to help you make the best decision for your bathroom.

The end result. While it sounds conflicting, having an idea of what you want your new bathroom to look like is the best place to start. What kind of bathroom are designing? Go through magazines and tear out pictures, save online photos to your phone, explore the various types of styles out there and don’t be afraid to mix and match!Vessel Sinks

Mixing and matching materials. You can easily mix and match style, but consider the materials you’re using for your sink and countertop so they don’t compete for attention. For instance, if you want the vanity and countertop to stay traditional, but you’re looking to add a sink with modern flare, here is a tip on balancing both styles. Say you’ve chosen a traditional chestnut vanity with a bronze faucet and dresser-drawer handles. Keeping with a more traditional style, consider an amber and cocoa swirled beige granite countertop. And while a square copper hammered sink may sound appealing, top it off with a contemporary clear round glass vessel sink. Both sinks are equally modern, but the glass adds flare subtly versus a bronze sink competing with the pigmented granite countertop.

How do you want the sink installed? Some vessel sinks can be top-mounted offering a near 360-degree view of bowl – inside and out. Other vessels can be partially recessed. You may have your heart set on a partially recessed sink, but you may also stumble upon one that would look gorgeous top-mounted. Depending how you want your sink installed will help your better decide what countertop to choose and how it will need cut to configure the sink.

Choose the right caulk. While caulk may seem like a miniscule detail, it can pull everything together. Besides the fact that it’s used to seal and waterproof, it also makes everything look seamless – no pun intended! Choosing caulk that matches both the sink and countertop will blend both pieces together perfectly.


Choosing a vessel sink and a countertop to match might not be a decision you’ll make in one day, but it’s not something that has to take forever! Visit Lexmar USA for copper, bronze and specialty glass sinks. Share your photos and ideas with our experts and we’ll be sure to help you pick the best vessel sink and countertop combo so suit your needs. Call us at 412-896-9266 or visit out McKeesport location, just 16 miles southwest of Pittsburgh, PA.

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