What You May Not Know About Granite Countertop Remnants November 29, 2018

Renovating your Pittsburgh kitchen and bath can be fun, but costly. Decisions on layout and design are followed by the types of materials you plan to use. You can choose from hardwood or laminate flooring, paint or wallpaper, and fabricated solid-surfaces or natural stone countertops. And while some folks may incorporate the crème de le crème of all materials, others may want to adhere to a stricter budget. Granite is widely sought out during a kitchen and bath renovation and depending on the area you plan to cover; the price of this unique product will go up. This month, Lexmar USA is sharing some crafty tips on how you can incorporate granite remnants in your home – at a fraction of the price!

What is a remnant?
When home and business-owners choose granite for their home or office, a granite slab must be cut down to fit the total area they want to cover. In many cases, especially when the countertop involves a place for a sink or a curved and rounded look, there are pieces that are cut off and set to the side. These pieces are called remnants and can be reused to create a multitude of things.

Remnants are a great way to add style without breaking the bank! Purchasing a remnant from Lexmar USA gives you an opportunity to install this unique stone at a shockingly low price.

Kitchens: Maybe you want granite, but you simply cannot justify the cost of redoing your entire countertop space in natural stone. Rather than installing granite for the countertop, you can top a small island with a bold piece of granite. You can also use a remnant for a kitchen table or create a cutting boardor heat-resistant trivet for serving hot food. Even the smallest remnants can come in handy. Create a mosaic or more streamlined backsplash by using tile-sized granite to accent your kitchen.

Bathrooms: If you are renovating a small bathroom or powder room, you may very well find a piece of granite to cover the size of your countertop surface. You can also create beautiful shelves for hand and bath towels or use granite wall-tiles to make your design pop! Don’t forget the shower too. Create an attractive design by using granite along the inside border or tub surround or add a shower seat for a safer way to use your bath.

 Using granite in your home doesn’t just stop at your kitchen and bathroom. Granite has found its way into many basements thanks to wet barsand granite topped wine racks. And, much like the kitchen table mentioned above, you can create a high top table for your friends and family to use when you are watching the big game! Don’t forget to protect your wood surface with granite coasters too!

Granite remnants are great way to accent your home without digging deep into your wallet. And best of all, these ideas go for those who purchased a slab of granite, and have scraps left over. Get the most out of your granite remnants and consider using the leftovers as accents in other places! Visit Lexmar USA and check out our HUGE SELECTION of remnants today!

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