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Why Quartz is the Perfect Option for Bathroom Countertops July 9, 2019

Quartz countertops have become a popular choice for today’s homeowners, especially during bathroom remodels.  Manufactured from 95 percent ground quartz and 5 percent polymer resins, quartz countertops are sometimes referred to as engineered stone or engineered quartz.  Stronger than natural stone, quartz countertops have many advantages over other stone types, especially in your bathroom.   Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why quartz is the perfect option when choosing a material for your bathroom countertops.


Quartz Countertops are Easy maintenance

Bathroom Countertop InstallationQuartz is considered a non-porous surface, which is beneficial in high traffic areas like your bathroom. Quartz countertops have anti-bacterial and germ resistant properties that will keep your bathroom sanitary. With no pores, bacteria and germs are unable to penetrate the surface and your countertop is less susceptible to mold.  That doesn’t mean no cleaning required—it’s just easier.  You can keep your quartz countertops clean with water, mild dishwashing soap and a soft sponge or cloth.  Do not use harsh abrasives or scrubbers, like Comet or Scotch-Brite, which can scratch the smooth surface.  For harder to remove messes, apply a mild cleanser, like Bon Ami.


Another plus when considering quartz for your bathroom countertops is its stain-resistant properties.  Unlike other stone surfaces, quartz does not require sealing and waxing to prevent stains.


Quartz Coutnertops are Durable

When looking for bathroom countertop options, you want something highly durable that can stand the test of time.  Quartz, which is harder than granite, is nearly indestructible.  It is less brittle than natural stone and won’t easily chip or crack.  Due to its non-porous surface, quartz countertops are less susceptible to staining, mold and bacteria.


Quartz Coutnertops are Versatile

There is a common misconception that quartz is more of a modern option when remodeling your bathroom, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.  At Lexmar USA, we have a wide variety of styles, colors and patterns to choose from.  Whether your taste is contemporary, traditional or modern, quartz countertops can easily blend with your décor.  Much of quartz’s versatility comes from the manufacturing process.   Since it is engineered, not only can it be found in a wider range of colors, but it also has the ability to mimic natural stones.  Additionally, manufactured quartz can be formed into various shapes giving homeowners the ability to customize the design. Often, basins are built into the countertops.


Quartz Coutnertops are Cost-Effective

Typically, quartz countertops range in cost from $115 to $200 per square foot.  While it may seem pricey, it is a very cost-effective option when you consider the durability and low maintenance of quartz.  Also, these prices are competitive with the higher end materials, such as granite, marble and concrete.


Providing Quartz Countertop Solutions for Pittsburgh Homeowners

Lexmar USA, located in McKeesport, PA, offers a wide selection of quartz countertops in a variety of colors and styles.  Our dedicated team will help you decide on the perfect countertop solution for your bathroom— at the best prices. If you would like an estimate on installation or more information on why you should consider quartz countertops for your Pittsburgh home, please contact our team at 412-896-9266.

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