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Durability and exquisite beauty – this is what you can expect from a Lexmar USA natural stone countertop. Granite, quartz and soapstone products are timeless and dependable materials guaranteed to add sophistication and class to any kitchen or bath. Each comes with their own unique aesthetic and either of the three will set your home apart from the rest. If you’re looking to add elegance and style, choosing a natural stone countertop is guaranteed to give you the exact look you’ve been searching for.

Granite: Million Years in the Making

Granite is a naturally occurring stone with beautiful reflective and jewellike properties. Each slab of granite is unique and took millions of years to form making the option for granite one-in-a-million. Granite is naturally heat and scratch resistant. Sealing annually helps resist surface stains caused by everyday messes, as well harboring bacteria. Granite countertops are easy to clean and require little maintence. At Lexmar USA, we work with four slab yards around the Pittsburgh area, providing our customers with an incredible selection of high-quality granite products for your kitchen and bath.

Quartz: Mother Nature and a Hint of Color

Quartz, like granite, is an incredibly durable mineral found on Earth’s surface. When mined and used to make countertops, quartz is ground up to a fine dust and combined with polymers, resins and pigments to create a totally customizable countertop for your kitchen or bath. Quartz is naturally non-porous, resistant to stains and has anti-bacterial properties. The color choices are endless, from natural granite-like hues to bold oranges and greens.

Differences between Granite and Quartz

While granite and quartz are natural stone, quartz countertops are considered manmade due to the resin and pigment additives. Because of the fabrication process, quartz countertop patterns are more uniform, while the swirling patterns of its granite counterpart are random, unrepeated and totally unique. Granites whirling colors are more natural looking, like greys, tans, browns and whites, while quartz colors are created artificially and monochromatic. Granite is a very durable product, but with the addition of the polymers and resin, quartz is known for its super strong properties and will likely cost more than natural stone granite. Granite will require sealing because it’s naturally porous, while quartz doesn’t require this care. On the other hand, granite can handle extreme high heat, but the synthetic properties of quartz can get damaged with extremely high temperatures.

Soapstone: A Naturally Eco-Friendly Alternative

Another natural stone that makes a great countertop for your kitchen or bath is soapstone. Because of the presence of talc, this stone feels like a soft bar of soap, appropriately named, soapstone. It’s heat resistant – so resistant you can move a pot from the stove to your counter without out any threat of damage. It’s rustic appeal is often finished with a natural look, giving it a leathery appearance making a great choice for a traditional or modern home. This non-porous stone requires no sealers or treatment with toxic chemicals, thus this eco-friendly stone can easily be recycled and is very popular among our environmentally conscious customers.


Solid surface countertops, or Corian, are a popular choice of homeowners because it can easily be shaped and customized into any unique countertop shape. Manufactured with colorful and pliable acrylics, Corian countertops can be cut with the same tools you’d use to cut wood. Unlike a manufactured laminate countertop made of a thin sheet of plastic adhered to another solid surface, Corian is made of a solid block of acrylic giving it the same consistency, color and texture throughout. Why is this so unique? If your countertop sustains a nick or scratch, you can easily restore it by lightly sanding it to its original surface. Corian makes an affordable way to upgrade your kitchen at a fraction of the price of natural stone.


If you’re installing a new countertop, before you make any decisions be sure to consider the lighting and how it will look next to your existing cabinetry, flooring, back-splashes, tile, paint or wall-coverings. Completing a total kitchen or bath overhaul? Make your countertop the focal point and choose your cabinets, floors and other décor based on your countertop. Your countertop may likely be your biggest investment in your kitchen or bath, so give it great consideration and choose wisely.


Solid surface Corian has an endless amount of colors to choose from. Granite colors come by the thousands and are more natural, while quartz hues can range from earthy taupe to orange and magenta. Soapstone’s colors are more limited, greys, blue-gray,
green and black, but the tones range from light to dark.


When it comes to the type of finish you’d like for your new countertop, it’s all up to you. Some choose high-gloss sealers to showcase the minerals in granite. Others may like a low-reflective satin finish. Maybe you’d like a pearlescent, marble like surface or a something more leathered or matte.


The price of granite or other natural stone surfaces may seem intimidating for some homeowners, but Lexmar USA has a huge selection of natural stone remnants that can dress up any room in your home. Add an island in your kitchen, use a piece in a small powder room, create a wine bar in your basement. No matter the project, Lexmar USA can help you pick the perfect granite remnant to enhance your home.


At Lexmar USA, we make the process as easy as possible. From measurements to material selection, installation and post-care, we’re behind you every step of the way. Our dependable professionals will walk you through-by-step. Start with a FREE ESTIMATE and one of our Designers will reach out to you to discuss your next project. Utilize our FREE online Design Simulator and visualize your new kitchen or bath my choosing a countertop to match your flooring, cabinetry, and backsplash.


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