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2021’s Most Popular Granite Colors September 1, 2021

Countertops tie together your kitchen or bathroom. They finish off the aesthetic your imagination was after. Granite countertops are perfect for any home renovation and can be used for a variety of projects.
Granite is an extremely popular stone for kitchens and bathrooms – you can choose from 14,000 varieties to get the perfect stone. With our experienced team at Lexmar USA, we can work together to get you an exceptional stone for your granite countertop installation.

With the wide variety of stones, comes a wide variety of color selections. We know what is on-trend and what colors are hot in 2021.


The gold, brown, and gray coloration of Solarius granite will transform your kitchen space. Should you choose to use it for your residential property you will see why this is one of the more popular options with its active pattern that keeps your eyes busy and gives off a luxurious feel.

Silver Cloud / Siberian White Granite

Silver Cloud granite, coming to you all the way from India, has the strength we have come to expect from granite, along with a bold sophisticated pattern. The main color is a cool white, but if you are looking for a grayscale palette, that is suitable for countertops, floors, walls, and backsplashes, you have found it.

Fantasy Brown/Canyon Dawn Granite

The flowing pattern of Canyon Dawn or Fantasy brown has come into popularity over the last few years and has been making kitchens shine longer than that. It is actually classified as dolomite. Many people call it a hard marble, but its strength and beauty have never been called into question.

Black Mist/ Virginia Mist Granite

The creamy white veins that permeate the dark canvas of Black Mist Granite are reminiscent of the galaxy. This is perfect for any design product including bar tops, tabletops, and any other stone or granite countertop need. Many people love the deceptive simplicity. This option is sure to leave an impression. This Brazilian granite looks very similar to black soapstone when honed.

Black Pearl/ Steel Gray Granite

This Indian granite is black and grey with a pleasant dusting of golds, silvers, browns, and green. Three is more to this stone than meets the eye if you are at a distance, as it appears to be uniform. When you get closer, you see the detailed patterns and deposits of minerals. These mineral deposits can reflect light and glisten in the sunlight.

White Spring Granite

This durable granite keeps your eyes busy as well with intricate veining. While its pattern is made up of whites and grays, the deep reds are really what set it apart. While this Brazilian granite can be used for flooring, countertops or any other granite or stone application, it would be a shame to walk on something this beautiful.

Nevaska Granite

Also imported from Brazil, Nevaska Granite is suited for a variety of projects including bathroom and kitchen countertops. It features breathtaking greys and beiges that together with darker cabinet coloring, can really pop and provide a welcoming look.

Volga Blue Granite

Volga Blue is a great choice for people who might want a little bit more color. This is one of the most attractive stones on the market. From far away this Ukranian Granite looks very dark in color. However, once you get closer, the blue deposits really start to pop and catch the light. You can, albeit rarely, find slabs that feature larger deposits of blue minerals, allowing you to see them from further away. Volga Blue granite also has a very complex pattern once you are closer as well that almost resembles shattered glass which is a stunning effect and the main reason for its popularity.

There are tons of granite options to choose from for your granite countertop installation. Pittsburgh’s Lexmar USA is here to help! If you are faced with the decision of what granite color you want, contact Lexmar USA in McKeesport for your granite countertop installation.

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