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Countertop & Kitchen Trends for 2019 February 23, 2019

Style to consider when remodeling your Pittsburgh kitchen.

With 2019 well underway and our buddy Phil predicting an early Spring, homeowners are itching to jump on the kitchen remodeling train. Your kitchen is the most multi-functional space in your home, so it’s no wonder choosing to remodel is such a big decision. There are cabinets to consider, light fixtures to ponder, and hundreds of quartz, granite and solid-surface countertops calling you by name!

Before you redesign your kitchen space, Lexmar USA – Pittsburgh’s experts in granite countertops and specialty sinks – is sharing what’s trending for 2019.

Granite Countertop PricingIndustrial-chic Countertops.
 Textured surfaces are very popular right now. Industrial-chic is a blend of raw and earthy – think natural, concrete-like countertops. These countertop surfaces aren’t shiny, if they have any sheen at all. And while it seems like this type of surface would only pair well in a large, open-concept urban loft, it compliments the quaint, farmhouse-style remodels just as well.

Raw Wood with White. Natural-wood cabinetry topped with a soft, white soapstone or quartz countertop introduces a feeling of calmness to your otherwise very busy kitchen. Natural-wood shelves are also trending, making shelving an incredibly affordable, DIY install in your kitchen remodel.

Specialty sinks.
 Throw out the kitchen sink! Well, you don’t have to throw it out per say, but hammered copper sinks and granite styles with natural hues are all earthy choices that pair well with any choice of countertop. If you’d prefer to keep your countertop, but the sink has to go, a specialty undermount sink is an easy upgrade to any kitchen (or bath) remodel this year.

Also trending…

Mixed Metals.
 Stainless steel was all the rage for quite some time, but more organic metals like silver, bronze, pewter, copper and black are forging their way into kitchens all over. Not to mention, it’s even more popular to incorporate a few metals at the same time, giving your kitchen a mixed, yet matched look. Glossy black oven ranges with pewter pendant lights. Bronze fixtures paired with nickel counter-height stools. Change it up by layering various metals in your kitchen.

Open Shelves
. Exposed or open shelving has really grabbed the attention of many on the market for a new kitchen. Open shelves are easily accessible, easy to organize and makes a room look more spacious than those with hanging wall cabinets. Keep the blender, pots, pans and baking essentials low to the ground and behind closed doors. Install shelves for your mugs, plates and bowls for every day use.


Two-Toned Cabinets. Greige, a mix of grey and beige, is a big color right now. It’s a great choice because it can easily mesh with other colors due to its uncanny ability to compliment cool and warm color choices. Many homeowners remodeling their kitchens are opting to mix and match white and light greige cabinets to create a subtle look, while others are going for something a bit bolder, like white and dark cabinets. Either way, the uber-famous greige allows you to change out décor, accent colors, and other decorative elements just as fast as the trends change.

Thoughts on Trends.

Trends are trends, and just that! They’re great for inspiration, but they will change. What’s “in” now may be “out” in a year or two. Unless you’re dedicated (and have the means) to stay on top of them, choose from kitchen trends wisely. If you’re on a budget, Lexmar USA suggests choosing one main item or only pick some of the elements that are popular versus buying into the whole package. Ditch the stainless-steel sink from 2002 for a more modern natural stone farmhouse version. However, consider

keeping your stainless-steel gas range that works just fine.

Every Future Has Its Past!

Lastly, because trends come and go, consider the trend in right now was most likely popular in the past. Consider the copper sink. Many homes in the early 1900’s had them. Then, more modern versions were introduced in the 1940’s and 50’s. If you look for inspiration from these era’s, you will probably find some commonalities with “then and now”. You can incorporate these elements into your home – turning your kitchen into something more classic versus trendy.

Lexmar USA is one of the finest granite, quartz, soapstone and solid surface countertop installers in the Pittsburgh area. We offer kitchen and bath solutions of the highest quality at the best price. Please call or visit us for all your Pittsburgh kitchen and bath remodeling needs!

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